09 November 2017

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(Old-fashioned Polish Recipe)




1 cabbage
2 lb raw potatoes
12oz boiled potatoes
2-3oz lard/butter
2 onions
2oz porridge Krakow/light buckwheat
salt and pepper to taste


In the Old Days for any recipes of stuffed cabbage, people used leaves from heads of “pickled cabbage”, but today it is a rare delicacy!


In this recipe you can use regular green cabbage leaves.

1. In order to separate the leaves and make them easy to fold, steam the cabbage or blanch whole cabbage head in the boiling water.

2. Stuffing: Grate skinless, raw potatoes using the smallest grater. Discard all the juice, that will appear in the process and then mix raw puree with portion of boiled and mashed potatoes. In the meantime fry 2 finely chopped onions using lard if possible (butter if preferred) until onions are soft and translucent and add them to the potato mixture. Then it’s a time to add raw porridge Krakow plus salt and pepper to taste.

3. Make sure, that stuffing is well blended, then you can put a handful of it in the middle of each cabbage leaf, folding leaf’s ends just like an envelopes.


Each roll should be closed real tight and placed super tight in a ceramic or enamel pot.


Cover the bottom of that pot with cabbage leaves, pour lightly salted water just enough to cover the rolls and then at first boil them on the medium heat for 15 minutes. After that time cover the pot and place it in the oven. Bake for 1-1 ½ hours in 350F.


According to this ancient recipe, you should fry rolls the next day by using small amount of lard. This authentic folk dish is really delicious!